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WEMERGE – The Global Leading Investment Strategist in Blockchain  –  integrates Blockchain investment fund, project acceleration, project evaluation and community operation, and uses decentralized tokenomics to distribute rights and interests among community members.

We are committed to make every member a smarter and more professional blockchain participant. Our Vision is to be the Global Leading Investment Strategist in Blockchain. Our mission are to build a world decentralized and sustainable ecosystem for blockchain investment community, to create investment possibility to everyone,  to accelerate potential international blockchain project and to provide sustainable investment strategy to the community.

We focus on blockchain project investment, mining and block chain project acceleration. Wemerge is creating a healthy blockchain ecosystem that will bring blockchain venture capital, mining  and project accelerator together and build a full ecological investment product for members of the community.

Two Key Problem Areas

High Failure Rate of Blockchain Projects

Based on a study conducted (TheNextWeb, 2016), 92% of 26,000 blockchain projects launched in 2016 failed with only 8% still in existence in 2017. A key element behind these failures is the lack of strong business fundamentals & funding support and a mismatch between the planned utility of the issued tokens and its application of the projects in real-world environments. An extension of this predicament is the lack of support from token users or crypto community. A project can only be viable and sustainable if it has continuous support from its customers, clients and/or users based on strong business fundamentals. Thus, technical knowledge of blockchain technology alone is insufficient as such technology also requires sharp business acumen from the management and strong support from the community, amongst others.

Impracticality of Due Diligence

Although information is normally readily available in many cases, there are no globally recognized gold standards for accurate and credible information disclosure practices for crowd-sourced crypto projects. One is extremely likely to a find a project with strong fundamentals but with terrible organization of or nonexistent documentation for due diligence purposes. This heightens the need for a strong due diligence process that may include and is not limited to background checks on the company and its core members, financial checks, legality and governmental restrictions, physical site visits, business model rationalization, token utility checks and etc. With an estimate of more than 100,000 blockchain projects targeted to be launched in 2018 alone, a participant is much more likely to purchase a token with poor fundamentals on the promises of massive returns rather than any utility and the real-world application of the token, thus putting their cryptocurrency at risk.


Project Investment 

Wemerge has a professional blockchain investment team. Projects must be screened by professional team members and sent to the investment committee to decide whether to participate or not.

Wemerge also has its own project evaluation system, including project preliminary screening, feasibility study, project rating, voting by committee and other processes. Wemerge fuses expertise and experience, including areas such as technology entrepreneurship, financial markets, blockchain, application development, digital marketing, blockchain market regulation, cryptocurrency and tokenomics strategies.


We have a mining management system that can reduces power consumption and improves computational power. It can increase production by 20%. In addition, we have the electricity support from local governments in Malaysia, Laos and other southeast area, which can reduce the cost of electricity.



Blockchain Investment Strategy Conference

Regularly held in Singapore, China, Malaysia, India and Indonesia, jointly with our accelerated project partners. We aim to deepen community members’ understanding of Wemerge and discuss the right strategy for investing in blockchain projects. The conference will focus on the topics of industry information, the latest development of projects, and the latest developments in Wemerge, aiming to make more people aware of the trend of blockchain and to promote the healthy development of block chain.


Wemerge Blockchain Community

The community will regularly organize online and offline activities for members. Online activities include live, online audio and video courses, etc. Offline activities include parties, salons, private boards meet-up and so on.

Super Node Campaign

Wemerge will take advantage of its own community and other resources to participate in the acceleration of the project. An important part is Super Node campaign which will definitely contribute and benefit to the project and our community members.


Ng Kian Yong
Managing Partner

Matthew Chong
Managing Partner

Tan Kah Ann 
Managing Partner

Zhang Xiaochen
Partner - USA

Nicoholas Ang
 Partner - China

Tony White
Partner - India

General Secretary

Jeremy Tan Yong Hao
Investment Manager

Carmen Ho
Brand Manager 

Tara Marie Dundas-Harper
International Investor Relation Manager

Morrow Xu
Blockchain Technologist


Hu Dong

Lee Willson

Derek Zhou

George Wong


Wemerge token is listing on 30 May 2018.

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